Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ruby on Rails learning resources

I started learning Ruby on Rails last year and till date I'm still learning more on it. Here are few good online resources which I found helpful:

  1. First Ruby book I read:
  2. Agile Web development with Rails: Amazon link. I really like this book because of pragmatic approach. Worth buying.
  3. Code School 
  4. Once been through above books I started working on an Open Source project and where I believe actually I got chance to implement what I've learned so far.
  5. Revision after a break of 3-4 months from Ruby I again started learning from CodeAcademy which I found very wonderful and easy to learn tutorials.
  6. Also I've just started reading this book which now I believe is must read for a ruby enthusiastic. 
Will add more resources as I will find any but I guess if you are done with all these then you are at pretty much good level in programming RoR. 

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