Saturday, June 29, 2013 with Model First Entity Framework, Oracle DB

These days I started working on developing a website from scratch using MVC4 and Entity Framework. I was planning to use Oracle database and realized that "officially" only Model-First entity framework approach is supported so decided to go ahead with that only.

As soon as I started working on developing database, I realized most of the examples or knowledge resources are based on Code First approach and Model First resources are very scarce. Considering that I decided to prepare a document listing all of my major issues with the links that helped me in fixing the same.

I am using MVC4, Razor, BootStrap, Model-First Entity Framework, Oracle db.

As the list of issues is extensive, this document is not even 1% of total issues but I believe over the time I will improve it and will definitely help some.

Google Doc: MVC4 with Model First EF, Oracle, Razor, Bootstrap from scratch

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