Thursday, May 30, 2013 MVC 4 website using SQL Server Express instead of SQL Compact Edition

I was working on a sample MVC 4 application and on first run it used SQL Server Express by default for the database. Later I created seed data and set my config file to use SQL Server Compact Edition instead of SQL Server Express. I deleted .mdf from the APP_DATA folder and tried everything I could but application was still using the same old data instead of seed data.
My initializer code:
public class DBInitializer: DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges<xxxx>
Here is the small trick I used to fix this issue.

Update the seed data initializer to:
public class DBInitializer: DropCreateDatabaseAlways
and run the application, now your previous data base gets drop and new database using the new configuration will load up. Though its a work around but it fixed the issue. Once you got your new database working you can update the initializer to DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges in order to avoid creating database every single time. 

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