Monday, August 27, 2012

Frequently used Adobe Reader keyboard shortcuts

These days I'm using Adobe Reader very frequently and extensively. Here are the couple of shortcuts which will help you in reading better.

1. Go to a particular page number: CTRL + SHIFT + N . So now no useless scrolling if you mistakenly pressed end key.
2. Readmode/ Presentation mode: CTRL + H, L: Personally I use CTRL + L mode for reading.
3. Increase/Decrease Zoom level: CTRL + "+ / - ": Control plus "+" or "-" key. Note that this shortcut also works in Presentation mode so if you want better concentration while reading a book and font of book in presentation mode (full screen mode) is very small then use CTRL + "+" key to increase that. I use it this way only.

Will add more later.

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