Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is it difficult to switch technology from .NET to Java?

I woke up in the midnight and started to think about how much difficult it is to switch from .NET technologies to Java? I think basics would be same in both technologies so there should not be much hurdles. After all both are based on the concepts of Object-oriented programming. Still I request to my readers for their inputs on this topic. I will update any information that I found.

22 April '12 4:00 AM: I don't know why this question wont let me sleep comfortably. Last time when I was thinking about this resulted into insomniac and today also. There are plenty of things running in parallel related to this. The major factor which is invoking me to shift to Java is the fact that it is being used in almost all major application which are quite large in terms of scalability, responsibility and involving novel cross-platform dependencies. As much I've read, in Java you need to have a better framework and libraries understanding in order to get the stuff done also the big plus factor that it is an open-source language so you have very much bright chances to learn the stuff happening inside assemblies. Also one more factor, all big software giants use Java for their application development. I want to have a hands on such applications after all I love programming so why not go for real challenging tasks :).
But at the same time, I think I've around 3 years professional experience on .NET technologies and have learnt a lot from basics to advanced concepts. In fact gave training sessions to juniors too. So why not carry on learning advanced concepts in .NET itself instead of spending time in learning the basics of Java and then intermediate level learning? I believe being good in one is better than OK in two. Now here comes the confusion, both seems good to me. Also one more thing which I believe is get comfortable with uncomfortable. So again pushing me to learn Java. It would be difficult to switch technologies on the professional level as there will be great expectations from a 3 years experienced profession. But that's the challenge and I should happily accept it.

Stopping it here only as this is not something which can be decided in 5-10 mins. Perhaps I'll start learning Java from the advanced topics on the side track. 


  1. I'm in exactly the same situation.
    Please tell me. What did you decide? How it turned out?

  2. I understand your situation and frankly speaking it is not easy to switch technologies, specially between .NET and Java. Talking about my personal pathway, I decided to go back to school and currently pursuing Masters degree.

    However, even here I could not land up to a job in Java profile. Now, I am targeting to learn Ruby on Rails and switch to that instead of Java. Ruby is in hot demand these days and very good to learn.