Friday, May 11, 2012

Code references completed its 1K views (:

I would like to share a good news :) . Code references has completed its 1000 views today and am glad to know that this happen in a very short time-span. Started from 0 views/week, code references has 15-30 views/day traffic these days. Started from sharing the information that I collect from various website to explaining the tweaks with my own code, I will try to more and more new stuff on this blog in order to make code-references more better. Thanks to all readers, for your suggestions and regular views which motivated me to write more.Hope you perceive more knowledge in upcoming posts.

As I'm a newbie in blogging as well as in programming I used to share knowledge already present over the internet but collating all useful information is also necessary. So I'll try my best to share all new things that come across my learning pathway.

Update 8th September 2012: Code references has now crossed 3000 page views. Cheers

Happy Reading - Rohit Kandhal

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